How to Take Care of your Unused Hair Extensions?

How to Take Care of your Unused Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are expensive and should be treated with care. When you are not using them, you need to put them away clean.

Always make sure to wash the extensions with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Then, they will need to be fully dried with a hair blower. Try to be patient when using this and keep the heat at medium. You don’t want to burn the bonds at the top of the hair.

Make sure that there are no knots in the extensions before you put them away. We at Latino beauty salon in Boston, Massachusetts specialize in ensuring that clients always have these hair tips. We get visitors that come locally from Roxbury, MA and Jamaica Plain, MA and all Massachusetts areas. After they drive into Boston, they want to ensure that their extensions are ready to wear.

We always tell the clients that they must plan for their next visit by taking care of all the extensions that they purchase. They might not be planning to put them into their hair yet, but if they are stored dirty, wet, or tangled the hair extensions will be useless when they want. They’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on extensions, and sometimes even thousands. So, the clients need to be educated on how to care for them to get a full life from them.

We are a Latino beauty salon where some of the most beautiful women in America patronize. The Latino look involves long, luscious looks just like JLo. Most women who come to our salon like to get thick, full manes of hair.

By using some care and never being lazy, a person can get a very long storage time for their extensions. They just need to follow some simple hair care tips that virtually anyone can abide by.

If you don’t have the time to do this, bring your hair extensions and we will do it for you!

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