The other thing that defines the outer beautify of a woman apart from her face is the hair. If you need the best beauty salon in Boston to transform your hair and give you that chic look, then look no further as Latino beauty salon is here to save you. This is voted as the best beauty salon in Boston due to the high-quality services that they offer to their customers all the time. Also, Latino beauty salon has experienced hairdressers who can handle all kinds of hair whether kinky or soft; they will quickly transform it.

Why should you consider visiting the Latino beauty salon to have your hair done?

  • They are versatile.

When it comes to perms, our employees can handle any hair be it soft or kinky. We use the best hair products to ensure that your hair roots and follicles do not get damaged by the chemicals used. We also help you choose a style that fits your face shape.

  • Great rates.

The salon has different rates for customers to choose from depending on their budget and affordability too. For example, if you want your hair permed, the choice have varying charges depending on the client’s preference. Meaning a full head perm is charged higher as compared to someone who needs a partial perming.

Service Types & Amount
  • Partial $80 and up

  • Full $110 and up

  • Speciality $150 and up

Latino Beauty Salon | Boston